I’m Maggie Whiteley and you have arrived at my homepage. If you came to meet me in my actual home, I’d welcome you with a warm smile and a cup of tea before we got down to business because I know that building connection is crucially important. Sadly, I haven’t cracked virtual hot drinks yet!

This website is dedicated to supporting Agents of Change. These wonderful individuals want to make a positive difference through meaningful contribution to the world. You’ll find them in all walks of life, doing all sorts of interesting things. What they all have in common is that they spend time pretty much every day consciously aiming to be their best in all aspects of their lives. They want to live realising their creative gifts and talents and participating in creating a better world for us all.

There is little doubt that at this moment in history we are at a turning point. Agents of Change want to be right in there, playing their part in shaping the future. This takes courage and fearless honesty. It requires that we bring the very best of our wonderful human intelligence to bear on the issues facing us.  Most of all, it demands wholeheartedness.

The services and resources offered on this site are designed to empower Agents of Change to listen to and respond to their own deep inner wisdom, which whispers to them all the time. I take a wholistic and spiritual approach to coaching and my own life and the purpose of my work is to unlock the dreams of the human spirit.

If this interests you, come on in!



Excellent. I just love her down to earth approach. Maggie is highly competent and professional with a delightful, light touch. You know you are in a safe pair of hands.